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Tuesday / March 9
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February 4 Panel: US-China Relations Under the Biden Administration

The Institute for Peace and Diplomacy organized a panel discussion on February 4th, 2021 to discuss US policy on China under the Biden administration.

Biden’s plan to pursue American re-engagement with the international community was solidified with the US rejoining the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it is not clear how he will change US policy on China.

During his campaign, Joe Biden equally highlighted the need to both engage and distance the United States from China. Some experts believe that the ability of the US to collaborate with the world’s second largest economy will be a defining factor under Biden’s presidency and for America’s future. Others believe that the intensifying US-China rivalry is based on structural shifts in the balance of power. They expect the Biden administration to continue Trump’s containment policy against the PRC at least in some areas.

This panel aims to examine the future of US-China relations under the Biden presidency.


  • Robert S. Ross: Professor of Political Science at Boston College and Associate at the Fairbank Centre for Chinese Studies, Harvard University.
  • Jeffrey Reeves: Vice-President of Research at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.
  • Rachel Esplin Odell: Research Fellow, East Asia Program, Quincy Institute

Moderator: Bijan Ahmadi, Executive Director, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy